Bio- Biology, Patrika: Magazine.

An integrated platform for:

Vigyan Patrika” a series of author interviews;

“Margdarshak” presenting enlightening articles by Indian scientists;

BioKonnect” for the latest biology and healthcare updates;

Jobs” for the updates on job openings in the Indian Pharma/Biotech industry.

Vigyan Patrika, an interview series hosted by Bio Patrika, highlighting the stories and motivation behind interesting scientific discoveries. This series will cover the interview of first/senior authors of peer-reviewed publications to voice the scientific stories and connect to the public. This platform aims to address both scientific and non-scientific audiences and inspire young doctoral students to prepare their research journey. In the first phase, we aim to provide this platform to Indian PhD students, Postdocs, and early-career researchers working in India and abroad to promote themselves for their valuable contribution to science. This platform aims to reach both scientific and non-scientific audiences and encourage young PhD students to plan their science journey.

Share responses to the questions listed below by sending an email to Also, please provide details about your current position, affiliation, and supervisor/PI details.


1. How would you explain your paper’s key results to the non-scientific community?

2. What are the possible consequences of these findings for your research area?

3. What was the exciting moment (eureka moment) during your research?

4. What do you hope to do next?

5. Where do you seek scientific inspiration?

6. How do you intend to help Indian science improve?

Support your responses with illustrations (unpublished) that help the non-scientific public understand your science.

Terms and conditions

1. Avoid the use of plagiarized content. Use a plagiarism checker before you submit.

2. Obtain permission from the corresponding author (Principal investigator) before submission.

3. The illustration should be the original image not published earlier. Preferably an illustration or a schematic that explains your work to a non-specialist.

4. The first/senior author photo (must) should be clear.

5. Consent to store, publish, and print information provided.

6. The maximum length should be around 1000 words.

Margdarshak, a series featuring articles from the eminent Indian scientist from industry and academia. It will publish articles written by scientists on the topic relevant to Indian Science, education, and scientific policies or emerging technologies in India's context or the impact of scientific contributions on Indian science and society. The main goal from the articles written by eminent scientists is to encourage the young students to consider sciences a rewarding career and spread word about critical scientific contributions to a broader audience beyond publishing research articles.

Jobs provide updates on the latest job openings in the Indian Pharma/Biotech industry. It will give particular job openings rather than general job openings posts. Most of the openings will be more relevant to MSc./M.Tech or PhD candidates working in the field of Biology.

BioKonnect will feature articles written by the editor of Bio Patrika and articles contributed by others providing updates on the latest developments in the field of biology and healthcare. The goal of BioKonnect is to connect the general public to the Biological sciences and healthcare developments, which is very important to spread awareness. It will cover articles from basic biology to the innovations and entrepreneurship efforts happening in India.

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Bio Patrika Team

Bio- Biology; Patrika: Magazine. An integrated platform for “Vigyan patrika”, “Margdarshak”, “BioKonnect” and “Jobs”. Indian Science highlights.

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