A step towards understanding embryo implantation

About author

Abhishek Tiwari obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Life sciences and Biochemistry (Chemistry Honors) from the St. Xaviers’ College, Mumbai. Subsequently, he moved to the Sunandan Divatia School of Science at NMIMS University for his Masters, where he joined Dr. Deepak Modi’s lab at ICMR-NIRRH, Mumbai for his internship. Under the guidance of his mentor, he worked on the understanding of feto-maternal crosstalk during implantation and with the help of his lab mates, deciphered Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) as a mechanism of embryo implantation. The work was applauded at various international conferences with several awards. Abhishek was also awarded with the best thesis at NMIMS University for this work. He is now moving to the University of Montreal for his graduate studies in neurosciences with a faculty scholarship. He is a microscopy enthusiast who loves colorful fluorescence images, loves dancing and trekking when not at his lab bench.


How would you explain your research outcomes to the non-scientific community?

Our lab is investigating the master regulator, which dictates these changes in the endometrial tissue. My friend Nancy who is developing even more colorful pictures by simultaneously capturing multiple factors involved in the story now leads the project.

At the personal level, I am moving to the University of Montreal, Canada to pursue a PhD in the field of neuroscience.

Where do you seek scientific inspiration from?

Dr. Subhas Mukhopadhyay, the father of Indian IVF research, inspires me. I admire my mentor Dr. Deepak Modi who is an excellent orator, a keen observer, and a perfectionist. I aim to graduate into their ranks and contribute to science globally.



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