Work done in the lab of Dr John HO at National University of Singapore’s Wireless Bioelectronics Lab.

Dr Viveka has been recognised as one of the top100 Women in Technology in Singapore in 2021. As an Innovator and Technopreneur, she developed and commercialised patient-centric DeepTech medical devices with emphasis on…

By Arun Sridhar, Ph.D.

About: Arun Sridhar is an entrepreneur and founder of a stealth bioelectronics medicine initiative. Before this, he was a founding member of the Bioelectronics effort within GSK and had impactful leadership skills in leading cross-functional R&D teams. He is a systems physiologist trained in clinical cardiology/cardiac…

Work done in the lab of Dr. Deepak Modi at ICMR- National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health

About author

Abhishek Tiwari obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Life sciences and Biochemistry (Chemistry Honors) from the St. Xaviers’ College, Mumbai. Subsequently, he moved to the Sunandan Divatia School of Science at NMIMS University…

By Dr. Savneet Kaur

Sitting in the upper right-hand side of the abdominal cavity, beneath the diaphragm, is the largest internal organ of our body, ‘the liver.’ Despite being involved in more than 500 vital functions, including metabolism, energy homeostasis, bile synthesis, detoxification, and synthesis, it often remains an overlooked…


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